EDM 2022: The 15th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, 24 -27 of July 2022, Durham

Part of a two major conference event, jointly organised by the Computer Science Department and the School of Education

Why support EDM 2022?

EDM 2022 is the 15th iteration of the Educational Data Mining Conference Series. EDM is a leading international forum for high-quality research that mines datasets to answer educational research questions, including exploring how people learn and how they teach. These data may originate from a variety of learning contexts, including learning and information management systems, interactive learning environments, intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, and data-rich learning activities. Educational data mining considers a wide variety of types of data, including but not limited to log files, student-produced artifacts, discourse, learning content and context, sensor data, and multi-resource and multimodal streams. The overarching goal of the Educational Data Mining research community is to support learners and teachers more effectively, by developing data-driven understandings of the learning and teaching processes in a wide variety of contexts and for diverse learners.

EDM 2022 follows EDM’21 organised by Sorbonne University (Educational Data Mining 2021 – June 29th – July 2nd Paris, France). It is run by the prestigious International EDM Society (educationaldatamining.org).

EDM is an internationally recognised conference with potentially around 300 attendees

Corporate and institutional sponsors play a major role in funding EDM.  Sponsors are recognised for supporting invited speakers, poster sessions, interactive events, major symposia, opening ceremonies, the banquet, and other major events.  The logos of sponsors are prominently displayed at specific events as well as the conference bags and the conference proceedings. 

EDM will run 23rd evening -27th of July 2022, immediately preceding the AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) 2022 conference, with one overlapping day (27th of July 2022) of joint events. The conference is to be hosted in a brand-new Teaching and Learning Centre in Durham, which we have booked completely for the occasion (Accommodation & Estates Developments : Teaching and Learning Centre – Durham University). If governmental regulations change, the conference could be moved online.

For EDM2022, example sponsorship is shown below. We can discuss specific needs, as this model is flexible. Specifically, we are interested in sponsors who can sponsor participants or keynotes/ invited speakers from underserved communities (women, BAME, African countries), young researchers (PhD students and MSc by research students), practitioners (teachers, educators, school governors). We are also interested in sponsors who would want to sponsor and contribute to certain events, such as industry workshops, or school visits, college visits, Northern heritage visits (e.g. Beamish museum, Oriental Museum, Botanic Garden etc.).

1 available
1 available
3 available
3 available
3 available
Conference off-site Dinner Reception Sponsor Welcome Reception Sponsor Keynote Sponsor Lunch Sponsor Lunck Sponsor
Logo on conference website and verbal recognition during Welcome Plenary Session
A table available with electrical hook up for company booth in vendor hallway at conference
Opportunity to distribute 1 item of corporate material in conference bags
Conference registrations 5 4 3 2 2 1
Reception tickets 5 4
Corporate signage In reception area In welcome reception area In conference hall In lunch area In coffee break area
Opportunity to speak and introduce The Awards (Best Paper, Best Demo, Best Poster) They keynote speaker
Logo along with AIED’s logo on the Award Diplomas to be given out at Award Ceremony
Recognition as the conference’s Major sponsor on the website and program
Conference Bag Sponsor – will be largest logo on conference bag


If you are interested in sponsoring EDM 2022 or should you have questions regarding these sponsorship opportunities, please contact Professor Effie Lai-Chong Law at lai-chong.law@durham.ac.uk. We are also open to other sponsorship proposals.