Best paper nominees – Full

  • Predicting Reading Comprehension Scores of Elementary School Students
    • Yuyang Nie, Helene Deacon, Alona Fyshe and Carrie Demmans Epp (Session 4, July 24)
  • Addressing Competing Objectives in Allocating Funds to Scholarships and Need-based Financial Aid
    • Vinthuy Phan, Laura Wright and Bridgette Decent (Session 5, July 24)
  • Detecting SMART Model Cognitive Operations in Mathematical Problem-Solving Process
    • Jiayi Zhang, Juliana Ma. Alexandra L. Andres, Stephen Hutt, Ryan S. Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Caitlin Mills, Jamiella Brooks, Sheela Sethuraman and Tyron Young (Session 10, July 25)
  • Investigating Temporal Dynamics Underlying Successful Collaborative Problem Solving Behaviors with Multilevel Vector Autoregression
    • Guojing Zhou, Robert Moulder, Chen Sun and Sidney D’Mello (Session 14, July 26)

Best paper nominees – Short

  • Admitting you have a problem is the first step: Modeling when and why students seek help in programming assignments
    • Zhikai Gao, Bradley Erickson, Yiqiao Xu, Collin Lynch, Sarah Heckman and Tiffany Barnes (Session 6, July 24)
  • Towards Real Interpretability of Student Success Prediction Combining Methods of XAI and Social Science
    • Lea Cohausz (Session 7, July 24)
  • The AI Teacher Test: Measuring the Pedagogical Ability of Blender and GPT-3 in Educational Dialogues
    • Anaïs Tack and Chris Piech (Session 9, July 25)
  • Log mining for course recommendation in limited information scenarios
    • Juan Sanguino, Ruben Manrique, Olga Mariño, Mario Linares and Nicolas Cardozo (Session 13, July 26)