Reinforcement Learning for Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Neil Heffernan, Goran Radanovic, Anna Rafferty and Adish Singla

Causal Inference in Educational Data Mining

Adam Sales, Ethan Prihar and Neil Heffernan

Workshop for Undergraduates in Educational Data Mining and Learning Engineering

Ryan Baker, Caitlin Mills and Ulrich Boser

A Workshop on Process Analysis Methods For Educational Data

Nirmal Patel, Derek Lomas and Tirth Shah

The Second Workshop of The Learner Data Institute: Big Data, Research Challenges, & Science Convergence in Educational Data Science

Vasile Rus and Stephen Fancsali

5th Educational Data Mining in Computer Science Education (CSEDM) Workshop

Bita Akram, Thomas Price, Yang Shi, Peter Brusilovsky and Sharon Hsiao