Online Registration

Welcome to EDM 2021! Please note that this year, we wanted to ensure a low price for students to increase their participation to the conference. Therefore, student registration fee is in most cases half price.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible, as all on-site registrations are refundable 100% up to May 15 23:59 CEST (UTC+2) (end of early bird). Online registrations are definitive and non-refundable.

Authors. For each accepted contribution to the main conference proceedings, at least one distinct Full registration should be made no later than May 8, 2021, be it online or on-site. See examples below. Please include a single paper ID that you want to be associated with your registration.

Gala dinner. Extra tickets for both cocktail & gala dinner are available first come, first served, for 100 EUR (~ 119 USD).

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact

Important dates

All dates are given 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

  • Authors: Until May 8, 2021
  • Early: Until May 15, 2021
  • Late: From May 16, 2021

CategoryRegular (early bird)Regular (late)Student (early bird)Student (late)
On-site Full420 EUR (~ 500 USD)500 EUR (~ 595 USD)210 EUR (~ 250 USD)250 EUR (~ 298 USD)
On-site Workshops-only110 EUR (~ 131 USD)130 EUR (~ 155 USD)55 EUR (~ 65 USD)65 EUR (~ 77 USD)
Online Full / Presenter100 EUR (~ 119 USD)
Online Attendee50 EUR (~ 60 USD)25 EUR (~ 30 USD)
  • Rates are in Euro. The table for reference shows an American dollars conversion simulation (1 EUR = 1.19 USD). Note that exchange rate may change on a daily basis.
  • The conference registration fee covers breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches and 1 gala dinner.
  • The workshop-only registration fee only includes coffee breaks and lunch for June 29. 

Examples of registrations

Paper 1 has authors A1 / A3 and is presented by A1

Paper 2 has authors A1 / A2 / A3 and is also presented by A1

Then A1 can have a Full registration that will count for Paper 1, and either A2 or A3 should also have a Full registration to count for Paper 2.

A4 is a distinguished professor that has many papers accepted at EDM 2021 and who is already registered as On-site Full. For each paper they should ensure that a distinct author is registered as Online or On-site Full.

A5 is the unique regular author of papers 1 and 2. They want to attend the conference physically: they will have to pay 1 On-site Full + 1 Online Full registration: 420 + 100 = 520 EUR.

Refund policy

All dates are given 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

You may not cancel a registration that is the only one associated with a presentation: you may only switch from on-site to online, up to May 15. For cancellations, a written request must be sent to

Onsite registrations

If the conference has to switch to fully virtual for sanitary reasons, your registration will be converted into the equivalent one in “Online” mode, and the difference will be refunded to your credit card, no matter when the switch happens.

By May 15: Early bird price & refund of 100% of the fee in case of cancellation.

From May 16 to 30: Refund of 70% of the fee in case of cancellation. 

From May 31: Refund of 50% of the fee in case of cancellation.

Online registrations

Online registrations are definitive and non-refundable. They are available until the last day of the conference July 2, 2021. There is no difference for early birds.