Dear Educational Data Mining enthusiast,

The International Educational Data Mining Society is pleased to present you the 14th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2021) which will be held from June 29th to July 2nd, 2021 in Paris, France (Sorbonne Université).

We are offering sponsorship opportunities to organizations we believe will add to the discourse. We’d like you to participate in this sponsor program. Participating in EDM’s sponsor program is a unique opportunity for your organization to:

  • instantly gain visibility to a widely diverse set of participants, including leading researchers in the field of educational data mining;
  • exchange with other participants and build new and innovative partnerships.

About the Conference

The International Conference on Educational Data Mining is a leading international scientific conference for high-quality data-driven research in technology and education. EDM focuses on mining datasets (using e.g. machine learning and data science methods) for answering educational research questions. Data originates from a growing variety of learning contexts, such as learning management systems, intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, and other data-rich learning activities. Researchers and practitioners attending the conference work with a wide variety of data types, including but not limited to raw log files, student discourse, and sensor data (such as eye-tracking). The overarching goal of our research community is to support learners and teachers more effectively, by developing data-driven understandings of the learning and teaching processes in a wide variety of contexts and for diverse learners.

The theme of this year’s conference is Shifting Landscape of Education: Improving Blended and Distance Learning. The past meetings were in Memphis (TN, USA); London (UK); Madrid (Spain); Raleigh (NC,USA); Wuhan (China); Buffalo (NY, USA), and most recently, Montréal (Canada). This year is the first time that EDM will be held in France.

Who Attends?

EDM 2019 had approximately 240 registrations, including leading researchers, educators, students, and industry practitioners from around the world to share the research in the rapidly growing field of educational data mining and learning analytics.

The conference draws a diverse group of attendees from fields such as machine learning, data mining, learning analytics, psychometrics, computer science, statistics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, user modeling and education.

Sponsorship levels

Platinum Gold Silver
5000 € 2500 € 1000 €
Registration Free Registration x4 x2 x1

Intro at opening ceremony x x x
Thanks in closing ceremony x x x
Talk during industry panel (15 min) x
Publicity / Advertisement Logo poster at conference location (kakemono) x x x
Logo on screen during plenary sessions (+ opening/closing) x x
Banner on app & website x x
Logo on proceedings x x x
Logo on goodies x

Access to opt-in database of attendee CVs who are interested in recruiting contact x x x
Job offerings posted in the app x (5 max) x (2 max)
Permanent booth x x

Note: Where/as appropriate, sponsorship level will be indicated in conference materials. For example, silver sponsor logos will be displayed below gold level sponsors with a smaller image on the conference web site and in the program.

Why Does EDM Need Sponsors?

Companies and organizations are invited to apply for three corporate levels of support as per the table above, or to propose other types of sponsorship. Sponsors not only reduce the cost of registration for all attendees and allow us to keep the conference proceedings as open access, but their participation as partners strengthens the discussions and build relationships between industry and the academy. ​We are seeking sponsor organizations with an interest in improving learning through the use of educational data​.

Sponsorship improves the conference in at least three ways:

  • promoting conversations between researchers and practitioners;
  • connecting the next generation of researchers with potential employers;
  • amplifying the impact of new research findings.

If you are interested in sponsoring EDM 2021 or should you have questions regarding these sponsorship opportunities, please contact me, Benoît Choffin at We are also open to other sponsorship proposals.

See you in Paris!