Ambassador Program


The EDM Local Arrangements Committee is pleased to announce the EDM 2023 Ambassador Program, a unique and exciting program for young faculty members and outstanding, motivated graduate students. The objective of this program is to enhance and facilitate an immersive and enjoyable conference experience for distinguished speakers and also provide an opportunity for young faculty members, young researchers,  and graduate students (the Ambassadors) to be mentored, leading to a rich research experience.


The Ambassadors will shadow the Distinguished Speakers in technical activities that will help the speakers gain maximum value from the conference and their stay in Bangalore. These activities will also accelerate the growth of the Ambassadors in their research career. Examples of such activities are:

  1. Bangalore is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India. Speakers may wish to interact with the local technology ecosystem, which includes many educational startups and leading academic institutions which are conducting educational research as well as deploying cutting edge educational technology. Ambassadors can help set up these interactions, shadow Distinguished Speakers during their meetings, taking minutes and notes if necessary, and helping with logistics if needed. The front-seat view that Ambassadors will get of educational technology will be an extremely enriching and eye-opening experience.
  2. The use of educational technology is one of the major focus areas of AI in India. Ambassadors can help provide speakers with this perspective. They can also help Distinguished Speakers incorporate and comment on this perspective by helping speakers prepare material for the conference and dry runs.
  3. For Distinguished Speakers who are interested in tourism, Ambassadors can facilitate deep interactions with the local culture and Indian culture, as well as provide detailed insight into Indian culture and customs.
  4. By including Ambassadors in discussions with Distinguished Speakers and others, speakers will be greatly assisting efforts towards diversity and inclusiveness.
  5. Assisting Distinguished Speakers with conference logistics.


Distinguished Speakers will be invited to take advantage of this opportunity by the EDM Ambassadors Committee depending upon the availability of Ambassadors.

  • Young faculty members, young researchers (for example, post-docs), or graduate students interested in being Ambassadors are requested to submit an application. Outstanding students doing their M.S., M.Tech. or Ph.D. are eligible to apply. Faculty members who are at an Assistant Professor level certainly are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants are required to fill an application form in the prescribed template providing descriptions of their educational details, research experience, publications, and experience in (Educational) Data Mining, participation / organizing co-curricular activities and how the Ambassador program would benefit them.
  • Please find the application form template here (.docx) and mail the application to
  • Please include the applicant’s name in the file name given to the application document.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • The applications will be processed by the EDM Ambassadors Committee. A limited number of Ambassadors will be selected.


Interacting with distinguished researchers.

Important Dates

1.Application Deadline: 20 June 2023 extended to 26 June 2023
2.Applicant Notification: 22 June 2023 extended to 28 June 2023
3.Ambassador Orientation commences: 03 July 2023
4.Speaker and Ambassador feedback: 15 July 2023