About the Conference

Theme: Educational data mining for amplifying human potential

Educational Data Mining is a leading international forum for high-quality research that creatively explores educational data to answer educational research questions, including understanding how people learn and how teaching induces learning. These data may originate from a variety of learning contexts, including learning and information management systems, interactive learning environments, intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, and data-rich learning activities. Educational data mining considers a wide variety of types of data, including but not limited to log files, student-produced artifacts, discourse, learning content and context, sensor data, and multi-resource and multimodal streams.

The overarching goal of the Educational Data Mining research community is to support learners and teachers more effectively, by achieving data-driven understanding of the learning and teaching processes in a wide variety of contexts and for a diverse collection of learners.

The 16th iteration of the conference, EDM 2023, will be held in the Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru, India, during July 11-14, 2023.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Educational data mining for amplifying human potential.” Not all students receive the education necessary to help them express their full potential be it due to a lack of resources or access to high quality teaching. The lack of high-quality educational material and teaching aids and methodologies and non-availability of objective feedback on how they can become even better teachers, deprive our teachers from achieving their full potential. The administrators and policy makers lack tools for making optimal decisions such as optimal class sizes and composition and course sequencing. These in turn handicap the nations, particularly the economically emergent ones, who recognize the centrality of education for their growth. Thus, EDM-2023 will strive to focus on concepts, principles, and techniques mined from educational data for enhancing the potential of all the stakeholders in the education system.

EDM-2023 will feature five keynote talks by outstanding researchers of eminence, several tutorials and workshops on contemporary themes in EdTech, peer reviewed technical paper presentations, a Doctoral Students Consortium, and an enchanting cultural programme.  The venue is the sylvan campus of the Indian Institute of Science in the city of Bengaluru, known  variously as the Silicon Valley of India, Hi-tech industry capital of India, and the Startup capital of India, and also famous for its salubrious weather conditions.

Please join us in Bengaluru IISc Campus during July 11-14, 2023!