Learning Analytics: Building bridges between the Education and the Computing communities
Sébastien Béland, Iris Bourgault Bouthillier, Michel Desmarais, Nathalie Loye, and Guillaume Loyon

Reinforcement Learning for Educational Data Mining
Hamoon Azizsoltani, Min Chi, Joseph Jay Williams, Tiffany Barnes, Anna Rafferty, Markel Sanz Ausin, and Yeo Jin Kim

Workshop on EDM & Games: Leveling Up Engaged Learning with Data-Rich Analytics
Jonathan Rowe, Bradford Mott, Luc Paquette and Seung Lee


Sharing and Reusing Data and Analytic Methods with LearnSphere
Kenneth Koedinger, John Stamper, Paulo Carvalho, Philip Pavlik, Jr., and Luke Eglington

Causal Discovery with Tetrad in LearnSphere’s Tigris
Richard Scheines, Peter Schaldenbrand, and Kenneth Koedinger

Designing and Developing Open, Pedagogically-Based Predictive Models using the Moodle Analytics API
Elizabeth Dalton and David Monllaó