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Invited talks

WISE Ways to Strengthen Inquiry Science Learning (paper)

Full papers

11 - Temporally Coherent Clustering of Student Data (paper)

17 - Execution Traces as a Powerful Data Representation for Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Programming (paper)

33 - Generating Data-driven Hints for Open-ended Programming (paper)

42 - A Coupled User Clustering Algorithm for Web-based Learning Systems (paper)

63 - Gauging MOOC Learners' Adherence to the Designed Learning Path (paper)

75 - Student Usage Predicts Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in the Cognitive Tutor Algebra I Program (paper)

76 - Riding an emotional roller-coaster: A multimodal study of young child's math problem solving activities (paper)

77 - The Affective Impact of Tutor Questions: Predicting Frustration and Engagement (paper)

92 - Modeling the Influence of Format and Depth during Effortful Retrieval Practice (paper)

100 - Measuring Gameplay Affordances of User-Generated Content in an Educational Game (paper)

121 - MOOC Learner Behaviors by Country and Culture; an Exploratory Analysis (paper)

126 - {ENTER}ing the Time Series {SPACE}: Uncovering the Writing Process through Keystroke Analyses (paper)

154 - Modelling the way: Using action sequence archetypes to differentiate learning pathways from learning outcomes (paper)

Short papers

12 - On Competition for Undergraduate Co-op Placements: A Graph Mining Approach (paper)

13 - Properties and Applications of Wrong Answers in Online Educational Systems (paper)

21 - Using Inverse Planning for Personalized Feedback (paper)

22 - Predicting Performance on MOOC Assessments using Multi-Regression Models (paper)

26 - Predicting Student Progress from Peer-Assessment Data (paper)

31 - Investigating Difficult Topics in a Data Structures Course Using Item Response Theory and Logged Data Analysis (paper)

52 - Individualizing Bayesian Knowledge Tracing. Are Skill Parameters More Important Than Student Parameters? (paper)

56 - A Nonlinear State Space Model for Identifying At-Risk Students in Open Online Courses (paper)

84 - Learning Curves for Problems with Multiple Knowledge Components (paper)

152 - Closing the Loop with Quantitative Cognitive Task Analysis (paper)

169 - Course Content Analysis: An Initiative Step toward Learning Object Recommendation Systems for MOOC Learners (paper)

Industry track - Short papers

15 - A Scalable Learning Analytics Platform for Automated Writing Feedback (paper)