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EDM 2016 thanks the Prof. Ram Kumar Memorial Foundation for generously sponsoring the 2016 best paper and best student paper awards.

Best papers and exemplary paper selection

A total of 16 exemplary papers were selected by the program chairs as those that represent the best work submitted to EDM 2016. Candidates for exemplary papers were selected among those accepted as full papers using the following criteria: 1) the average ratings of all reviewers and 2) at least one reviewer indicated the paper should be considered for best paper. Program Chairs and the General Chair then performed meta-reviews for all of these papers to make the final exemplary paper selections.

Finally, the Best Paper Committee was formed to review the top papers in the conference to select best paper nominations. We used random selection to divide both the 16 exemplary papers and the 10 committee members into two groups. All members in the same Best Paper Sub-committee received the same 8 exemplary papers together with their reviews. Sub-committee members were asked to rank the three best papers from the 8 papers, and to provide a 1-2 sentence justification for each of the top 3 they chose. Based on these rankings, four Best Paper nominees were selected.

Best Paper Committee:

Koedinger, Kenneth
Pavlik Jr., Philip I.
Aleven, Vincent
Baker, Ryan
Galyardt, April
Goldin, Ilya
Heffernan, Neil
Ritter, Steven
Olney, Andrew
Pechenizkiy, Mykola

Award winners

Best paper

How Deep is Knowledge Tracing?
Mohammad Khajah, Robert Lindsey and Michael Mozer

Best student paper

Calibrated Self-Assessment
Igor Labutov and Christoph Studer

Best paper nominees

LIVELINET: A Multimodal Deep Recurrent Neural Network to Predict Liveliness in Educational Videos
Arjun Sharma, Arijit Biswas, Ankit Gandhi, Sonal Patil and Om Deshmukh

How to Model Implicit Knowledge? Similarity Learning Methods to Assess Perceptions of Visual Representations
Martina Rau, Blake Mason and Robert Nowak

Measuring Gameplay Affordances of User-Generated Content in an Educational Game
Andrew Hicks, Zhongxiu Liu and Tiffany Barnes (presentation)