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Call for JEDM Track

The EDM conference and the Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM) will share a common track this year, the EDM 2016 Journal Track. The intention is to accommodate researchers who want to contribute a more substantial contribution than space allows at the EDM conference, and yet share the opportunity to have a presence at the conference and present their work to a live audience.

Authors submitting a paper to the EDM 2016 Journal Track commit themselves to present their paper at EDM 2016 conference in case of their paper acceptance.

Paper submission to the EDM 2016 Journal Track

EDM 2016 Journal Track invites high-quality submissions that present original work in the area of Educational Data Mining. Accepted papers will be published in JEDM shortly after the final versions are received, and the authors will present their work at EDM 2016 conference. An abstract of accepted paper with the reference to the JEDM publication will also appear in the conference proceedings.

To submit to the journal track, authors have to:

Important dates for the EDM 2016 Journal Track

JEDM Editorial Team makes a commitment to keep reviewing cycles as short as possible keeping in mind the conference deadlines. For the initial submission of the paper, the authors can expect to receive the reviews within 12 weeks.

We encourage prospective authors to submit their work to the journal track as early as possible, but before 20 January 2016. As such, reviewing processes of papers submitted after this date have a high chance of not being completed in time to allow the papers to be included in the EDM 2016 program. Based on the authors’ preferences, these papers will either roll-over to the EDM 2016 Journal track or be treated as regular journal submissions.

Reviewing process and potential outcomes of the evaluation process

The submissions will be treated as regular JEDM submissions with the same quality criteria. Each paper will be reviewed by three experts in the field.

Depending on the received reviews and suggestions of the associate editors the EDM2016 Journal Track chair can decide to:

  • “Accept” or “Accept conditional to revisions” in case the paper meets the journal acceptance criteria. If the final acceptance of the paper occurs before April 11th, 2016, a regular presentation slot for the paper will be allotted in the EDM 2016 program; if the final acceptance happens after April 2016, based on the authors’ preferences, the paper will either roll-over to the next EDM 2016 Journal track or be treated as regular JEDM accepted submission.
  • “Reject with encouragement to resubmit” in case the paper in its current form does not meet the quality criteria of JEDM, but the editor sees how the author(s) can improve their work to meet these criteria.
  • “Reject” in case the paper does not meet the quality criteria of JEDM.