The Best Publicly Available Educational Data Set Prize

The Best Publicly Available Educational Data Set Prize is given annually to the data set which has most led to progress in the scientific field and the community of practice. The prize-winning data set is selected by a committee of leaders in the field, selected by the Board of Directors of the International Educational Data Mining Society. Current committee members are ineligible to receive the award, but former committee members are eligible to receive the award.

Award winners receive a prize of $2,000 and free registration to attend and present an award talk at the International Conference on Educational Data Mining.

Nominations will open for the 2022 prize in July 2021, and information will be available here,
and announced on edm-announce and the Learning Engineering Google Group.

The award is made possible through the generous support of Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt.

Award Winners

2021. The NeurIPS 2020 Education Challenge. Data Set provided by Eedi.
Data on millions of students’ answers to mathematics questions.
Used in scientific competition by dozens of researchers to predict student responses, determine question quality, and identify a personalized set of questions for each student.
The award talk will be given at the 15th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, in Durham, UK.