International Working Group on
Educational Data Mining

Proceedings of the Workshop on Educational Data Mining at the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2006). Jhongli, Taiwan.

Call for papers/ Program Committee

Preface to the proceedings


Pardos, Z.A., Heffernan, N.T., Anderson, B., Heffernan, C.L. Using Fine Grained Skill Models to Fit Student Performance with Bayesian Networks. Pages 5-12. [pdf]

Ng Cheong Vee, M-H., Meyer, B., Mannock, K.L. Understanding novice errors and error paths in Object-oriented programming through log analysis. Pages 13-20. [pdf]

Beck, J.E. Using learning decomposition to analyze student fluency development. Pages 21-28. [pdf]

Baker, R.S.J.d., Corbett, A.T., Wagner, A.Z. Human Classification of Low-Fidelity Replays of Student Actions. Pages 29-36. [pdf]

Superby, J.F., Vandamme, J-P., Meskens, N. Determination of factors influencing the achievement of the first-year university students using data mining methods. Pages 37-44. [pdf]

Kay, J., Masionneuve, N., Yacef, K., Zaiane, O. Mining patterns of events in students' teamwork data. Pages 45-52. [pdf]