From Modeling Individuals to Groups: It's a Multimodal Multiparty

Pr. Sidney D'Mello / University of Colorado Boulder

Abstract: Educational data mining (EDM) has made tremendous progress in using click-stream log-data to model, adapt, and personalize to individual students. But learning is inherently a social endeavor involving interactions among living and breathing people, not cold, disembodied human-machine transactions. Thus, modeling and supporting groups of students in collaborative learning is an exciting frontier for EDM, especially for naturalistic interactions involving speech and language, posture and gesture, facial and head movements, and central and peripheral physiology. I’ll discuss emerging research on multimodal, multiparty modeling and facilitation of collaborations among students, couples, and teams in the lab, the classroom, and workplace. I’ll also discuss the NSF National Institute for Student-Agent Teaming which aims to: develop the theories, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, and know-how for creating next-generation collaborative learning environments composed of diverse students, teachers, and AI.

Bio: Sidney D’Mello (PhD in Computer Science) is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science and Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is interested in the dynamic interplay between cognition and emotion while individuals and groups engage in complex real-world activities. He applies insights gleaned from this basic research program to develop intelligent technologies that help people achieve to their fullest potential by coordinating what they think and feel with what they know and do. D’Mello has co-edited seven books and published more than 300 journal papers, book chapters, and conference proceedings. His research has received 16 awards at international conferences and has been funded by numerous grants. D’Mello serves(d) as Associate Editor and on the Editorial Boards of 11 journals. He leads the NSF National Institute for Student-Agent Teaming (2020-2025), which aims to develop AI technologies to facilitate rich socio-collaborative learning experiences for all students.