YiXue Inc. is a leading AI-based adaptive learning service provider for K-12 students in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, YiXue offers after-school courses for Math, English, Chinese, Physics and Chemistry subjects, powered by its proprietary AI adaptive engine and custom-built courseware. Students on YiXue’s Squirrel AI platform enjoy a supervised adaptive learning experience that has been proven to improve both efficacy and student engagement across YiXue’s online learning platform and offline learning centres.

Known for its AI-driven adaptive learning system, YiXue is one of the most promising education startups in the Chinese market. Through its online learning platform and in over 900 affiliated learning centers across China, YiXue’s proprietary intelligent adaptive system provides each student with customized learning services that help them excel in K12 education.

“Our dream is to provide a virtual tutor that is Socrates, Da Vinci as well as Einstein at the same time for every student, and we believe adaptive learning is the right path”, Derek Haoyang Li, Founder and Chairman of YiXue Inc, said at the AI Era Tech Summit in March 2018.

Utilizing AI and big data techniques, YiXue’s intelligent adaptive learning system continuously monitors and assesses students to determine their weak points, gaps in prior knowledge, and learning outcomes; the system then offers optimized learning solutions and synchronized tutor support to maximize learning efficiency while increasing students’ knowledge, skills and competencies.

As the leading player in the Chinese adaptive learning industry, YiXue now has over 100,000 paying users across 20 provinces in China, its total revenue last year surpassing US $48 million. Yixue plans to integrate more subjects in its up-and-running product and to open approximately 700 more AI-powered adaptive learning centers in 2018, bringing the total to 1,600.