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Jul 5, 2014
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The first keynote speaker of EDM 2015 has been confirmed: Professor George Siemens, Executive Director, Learning Innovation & Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab, University of Texas Arlington; Co‐founder and President of SoLAR, Society for Learning Analytics Research.

Feb 28, 2014
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A selection of accepted papers (both from conference and workshops) will be invited to extend their submission for a special issue in the Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM).
Sep 23, 2013
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The EDM website is now live.

Organized by the International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS).

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Manifesto for Accessible User Experience via @wordpressdotcom
2015-07-10 05:44:34
RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Una introducción a la minería de datos educativos @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid
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I’m a miner… of educational data (Spanish) @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid
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RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Soy minero… de datos educativos por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
2015-07-10 02:02:54
RT @dgasevic: Slides of #EDM2015Madrid keynote: Personal Learning Graphs (PLeG) by @gsiemens, @dgasevic, @BakerEDMLab…
2015-07-02 10:10:16
Back from Spain (#EDM2015Madrid), stopping by the @TutorGen team at #ISTE2015, leave for Brazil on Friday.
2015-07-01 15:29:21
RT @peterpaws: Slides now posted for: A Framework for Multifaceted Evaluation of Student Models #paper_164 #aied2015
2015-07-01 08:27:57

Posters and Demos

Posters and Demos

Shumin Jing. Automatic Grading of Short Answers for MOOC via Semi-supervised Document Clustering.

Alejandro Bogarin, Cristobal Romero and Rebeca Cerezo. Discovering students’ navigation paths in Moodle.

Arnon Hershkovitz, Agathe Merceron and Amran Shamaly. Teacher-Student Classroom Interactions: A Computational Approach.

Radek Pelánek. Modeling Student Learning: Binary or Continuous Skill?

Jan Papoušek, Radek Pelánek, Jiří Řihák and Vít Stanislav. An Analysis of Response Times in Adaptive Practice of Geography Facts.

Erica Snow, Maria Ofelia San Pedro, Matthew Jacovina, Danielle McNamara and Ryan Baker. Achievement versus Experience: Predicting Students’ Choices during Gameplay.

Ruth Janning, Carlotta Schatten and Lars Schmidt-Thieme. How to Aggregate Multimodal Features for Perceived Task Difficulty Recognition in Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

Krzysztof Jędrzejewski, Mikołaj Bogucki, Mikołaj Olszewski, Jan Zwoliński and Kacper Łodzikowski. Teacher and learner behaviour in an online EFL workbook.

Ailiya Borjigin, Chunyan Miao, Zhiqi Shen and Zhiwei Zeng. Skill Assessment Using Behavior Data in Virtual World.

Lorenzo Vigentini and Andrew Claypahn. Pacing through MOOCs: course design or teaching effect?

Igor Jugo, Božidar Kovačić and Vanja Slavuj. Integrating a Web-based ITS with DM tools for Providing Learning Path Optimization and Visual Analytics.

Rebeca Cerezo, Miguel Sanchez-Santillan, Jose C Nuñez and M. Puerto Paule. Different patterns of students´ interaction with Mooodle and their relationship with achievement.

Jordi Cuadros, Lucinio Gonzalez, Susana Romero, M. Luz Guenaga, Javier Garcia-Zubia and Pablo Orduña. Educational Data Mining in an Open-Ended Remote Laboratory on Electric Circuits. Goals and Preliminary Results.

Ren Wang and Osmar Zaïane. Discovering Process in Curriculum Data to Provide Recommendation.

Xiaolu Xiong and Joseph Beck. Improving Long-Term Retention Level in an Environment of Personalized Expanding Intervals.

Michael Eagle, Rebecca Brown, Elizabeth Rowe, Tiffany Barnes, Jodi Asbell-Clarke and Teon Edwards. Exploring Problem-Solving Behavior in an Optics Game.

Luc Paquette, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh and Ryan Baker. Simulating Multi-Subject Momentary Time Sampling.

Fazel Keshtkar, Jordan Cowart, Ben Kingen and Andrew Crutcher. Analyzing Students' Interaction based on their Response to Determine Their Learning Outcomes.

Richard Tibbles. Exploring the Impact of Spacing in Mathematics Learning through Data Mining.

Ahcène Boubekki, Ulf Kröhne, Frank Goldhammer, Waltraud Schreiber and Ulf Brefeld. Toward Data-Driven Analyses of Electronic Text Books.

Matthew Jacovina, Erica Snow, Laura Allen, Rod Roscoe, Jennifer Weston, Jianmin Dai and Danielle McNamara. How to Visualize Success: Presenting Complex Data in a Writing Strategy Tutor.

Mikel Villamañe, Mikel Larrañaga, Ainhoa Alvarez and Begoña Ferrero. Adjusting the weights of assessment elements in the evaluation of Final Year Projects.

Samara Ruiz, Maite Urretavizcaya and Isabel Fernandez-Castro. Predicting students’ outcome by interaction monitoring.

Borhan Samei, Vasile Rus, Benjamin Nye and Donald M. Morrison. Hierarchical Dialogue Act Classification in Online Tutoring Sessions.

Hana Bydžovská. Towards Freshmen Performance Prediction.

Ahcene Boubekki, Ulf Brefeld and Thomas Delacroix. Generalising IRT to Discriminate Between Examinees.

Diego García-Saiz and Marta Zorrilla. Detection of learners with a performance inconsistent with their effort.

Cyril Goutte, Serge Léger and Guillaume Durand. A Probabilistic Model for Knowledge Component Naming.

Thomas Price, Collin Lynch, Tiffany Barnes and Min Chi. An Improved Data-Driven Hint Selection Algorithm for Probability Tutors.

Rebecca Brown, Collin Lynch, Michael Eagle, Jennifer Albert, Tiffany Barnes, Ryan Baker, Yoav Bergner and Danielle McNamara. Good Communities and Bad Communities: Does membership affect performance?

Diego Riofrío and Jaime Ramírez. A Model for Student Action Prediction in 3D Virtual Environments for Procedural Training.

Caitlin Tenison and Christopher Maclellan. The Impact of Instructional Intervention and Practice on Help-Seeking Strategies within an ITS.

Jill-Jênn Vie, Fabrice Popineau, Jean-Bastien Grill, Éric Bruillard and Yolaine Bourda. Predicting Performance on Dichotomous Questions: Comparing Models for Large-Scale Adaptive Testing.

Eric Van Inwegen, Yan Wang, Seth Adjei and Neil Heffernan. The Effect of the Distribution of Predictions of User Models.

Anthony F. Botelho, Seth A. Adjei, Hao Wan and Neil T. Heffernan. Predicting Student Aptitude Using Performance History.

Jagadeesh Chandra Bose R P, Om Deshmukh and Ravindra Bhavanam. Discovering Concept Maps from Textual Sources.

Chaitanya Ramineni, Tiago Caliço and Chen Li. Integrating Process and Product Data: The Case of an Automated Writing Evaluation System.

Antonio Moretti, Kathy McKnight and Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi. Application of Sentiment and Topic Analysis to Teacher Evaluation Policy in the U.S.

Kim Kelly, Yan Wang, Tamisha Thompson and Neil Heffernan. Defining Mastery: Knowledge Tracing Versus N- Consecutive Correct Responses.

Benjamin Paaßen, Bassam Mokbel and Barbara Hammer. A Toolbox for Adaptive Sequence Dissimilarity Measures for Intelligent Tutoring Systems. (demo)

Steven Ritter and Stephen Fancsali. Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor. (demo)

Devendra Singh Chaplot, Eunhee Rhim and Jihie Kim. SAP: Student Attrition Predictor. (demo)