Proceedings of the Workshop on Educational Data Mining at the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2006). Jhongli, Taiwan.

Call for papers/ Program Committee

Preface to the Proceedings


Pardos, Z.A., Heffernan, N.T., Anderson, B., Heffernan, C.L. Using Fine Grained Skill Models to Fit Student Performance with Bayesian Networks. Pages 5-12.

Ng Cheong Vee, M-H., Meyer, B., Mannock, K.L. Understanding novice errors and error paths in Object-oriented programming through log analysis. Pages 13-20.

Beck, J.E. Using learning decomposition to analyze student fluency development. Pages 21-28.

Baker, R.S.J.d., Corbett, A.T., Wagner, A.Z. Human Classification of Low-Fidelity Replays of Student Actions. Pages 29-36.

Superby, J.F., Vandamme, J-P., Meskens, N. Determination of factors influencing the achievement of the first-year university students using data mining methods. Pages 37-44.

Kay, J., Masionneuve, N., Yacef, K., Zaiane, O. Mining patterns of events in students' teamwork data. Pages 45-52.


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