Graduate Student Funding Opportunity

We have potential travel funding for graduate students attending AIED 2017, EDM 2017, or both. We invite any graduate student who is author of a Doctoral Consortium paper in either conference, or first author on a poster or a long paper accepted to either conference to apply. All students receiving funding will be asked to participate in Doctoral Consortium events at the conference they are attending, and be asked to write a brief 1-page report after the conference relating to how attendance helped them further their research, professional, and educational goals.

Please submit an application by email on or before May 1 to Erin Walker ( with the subject heading “AIED/EDM DC Funding Application.” The application should consist of:

  1. A current CV.
  2. A copy of your accepted full, poster, or DC paper.
  3. A brief letter of recommendation from your supervisor.
  4. A document containing answers to the following questions:
  5. Name:
  6. Institutional affiliation:
  7. Year in graduate studies:
  8. Citizenship:
  9. Do you plan to attend AIED, EDM, or both:
  10. Conference (AIED/EDM) and ID number of accepted submission(s):
  11. What funding do you currently have to attend either conference:

Applicants will be notified of funding decisions the week of May 15.