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Jul 5, 2014
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The first keynote speaker of EDM 2015 has been confirmed: Professor George Siemens, Executive Director, Learning Innovation & Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab, University of Texas Arlington; Co‐founder and President of SoLAR, Society for Learning Analytics Research.

Feb 28, 2014
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A selection of accepted papers (both from conference and workshops) will be invited to extend their submission for a special issue in the Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM).
Sep 23, 2013
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The EDM website is now live.

Organized by the International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS).

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RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Manifesto for Accessible User Experience http://t.co/g13NIWGV1x via @wordpressdotcom
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RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Una introducción a la minería de datos educativos http://t.co/8IbmeIam4j @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid
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I’m a miner… of educational data (Spanish) http://t.co/vKJVPewmrG @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid http://t.co/Cl2X4ssusS
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Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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RT @dgasevic: Slides of #EDM2015Madrid keynote: Personal Learning Graphs (PLeG) by @gsiemens, @dgasevic, @BakerEDMLab http://t.co/yL3zzati…
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Back from Spain (#EDM2015Madrid), stopping by the @TutorGen team at #ISTE2015, leave for Brazil on Friday. https://t.co/4oxoNI7QKC
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EDM conference welcomes participants not contributing to the conference, in addition to those that have some contribution accepted.

General information

Registration for the EDM 2015 Conference is independent from booking a hotel. Nevertheless, we provide a list of hotels in the nearby area: List of hotels.


For each contribution in the main conference proceedings (such as full and short papers, posters, DC papers, Industry and JEDM tracks, demos, workshops) at least one author should register and pay for the main conference no later than May 3, 2015 otherwise contributions cannot be included in the conference proceedings.

In case one author has several contributions, each registration may cover more than one paper. Please include paper IDs that you want to be associated with your registration.


These fees are for both, authors and attendants.


Early registration (Until May 3, 2015)

After May 3, 2015

After June 21, 2015

Regular (conference & workshops/tutorials) *

400 €

600 €

660 €

Students (conference & workshops/tutorials) *

285 €

430 €

500 €

Only Workshops & Tutorials **

80 €

120 €

150 €

* The registration fee for conference covers coffee breaks, lunches, reception and dinner. In addition, it includes 1 year subscription for EDM Society.

** The registration fee for workshops & tutorials only includes the coffee breaks and lunch of June 26th.


Important, before registering

You will be asked to enter information about:

  1. Your NIF (for Spaniards). Others: an ID ( Passport number/social security ID, driver license ...). This is required to fulfill local academic procedures.

  2. Your number of paper and title if you are an author with an accepted contribution

  3. Your student certificate, if you apply for this fee. In that case, you need to send a proof by e-mail to jdolera@fundacion.uned.es, with subject: “student certificate for EDM 2015”.

Registration and payment

If you are not registered for EDM (nor AIED)

The first step is to register for the conference, following this link:


In the process, you’ll have to provide an email account and a password.

After that, you can directly continue to payment. If you need to pay later, then you have to follow instructions below (as you are already registered).

If you are already registered for EDM or AIED

You should proceed as a registered user from the following link, using the email account and password provided at registration:


If you have already registered for EDM following the step above, you will proceed for payment (but you cannot change registration option).

If you are not registered for EDM (but are for AIED) you will need to select the registration option for EDM, previous to payment.

Any problems?

If you need help, send an e-mail to jdolera@fundacion.uned.es with subject “Help for EDM Registration”.