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Jul 5, 2014
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The first keynote speaker of EDM 2015 has been confirmed: Professor George Siemens, Executive Director, Learning Innovation & Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab, University of Texas Arlington; Co‐founder and President of SoLAR, Society for Learning Analytics Research.

Feb 28, 2014
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A selection of accepted papers (both from conference and workshops) will be invited to extend their submission for a special issue in the Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM).
Sep 23, 2013
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The EDM website is now live.

Organized by the International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS).

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Manifesto for Accessible User Experience http://t.co/g13NIWGV1x via @wordpressdotcom
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RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Una introducción a la minería de datos educativos http://t.co/8IbmeIam4j @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid
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I’m a miner… of educational data (Spanish) http://t.co/vKJVPewmrG @AunCLICdelasTIC @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid http://t.co/Cl2X4ssusS
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RT @AunCLICdelasTIC: Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Soy minero… de datos educativos http://t.co/XSzPedyZbD por @carlosTls2014 #EDM2015Madrid #educacióndigital #datamining
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Back from Spain (#EDM2015Madrid), stopping by the @TutorGen team at #ISTE2015, leave for Brazil on Friday. https://t.co/4oxoNI7QKC
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2015-07-01 08:27:57

Presenter Instructions

Guidelines for Oral Presentations (Full/Short papers)

Full paper presentations are allotted 20 minutes (including everything). Please prepare for a 15 minute presentation (including setup time) + 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Please ensure that your talk will not go over the time limit.

Short papers are allotted 10 minutes. Please prepare for a 8 minute presentation (including setup time) + 2 minutes for questions.

A session chair will introduce you, give you updates on the time, and moderate the question period. Please arrive early to your session to meet the session chair and plan to stay for the full session.

The rooms are equipped with a 4:3 projector and sound connected to a computer with Windows 7, Microsoft Office and Acrobat Reader. It is better to use the room computer instead of your own laptop for your presentation. So, bring your presentation in a USB stick. There are breaks before most sessions, so please setup and test your presentation during these breaks. A technician will copy your presentation into the presentation computer. In case you prefer using your laptop (not recommended), it should have a VGA connector (or you should bring your own VGA compatible adapter and test it on-site before).

Slides must be legible from the back of a large room. Font size on slides should be at least 24 points, or 20 points when necessary in exceptional cases.

Your talk should summarize your paper - not replace it. Try to convey the main idea and key results instead of reproducing every detail (people can get details from the paper).

Use visuals and diagrams. Avoid excessive text and complete sentences.

Use examples. Concrete examples are easier to grasp than abstract statements.

Repeat each question so that everyone hears it, the questioner verifies that you understood it, and you get time to prepare your answer.


Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Each stand for posters (2meters x 0.8 meters) will accommodate 2 on each side.  Consequently, maximum allowed poster size is A0 with vertical layout or A1 with horizontal layout.

Push pins or double side tape can be used to attach the posters.

Posters must be visible from at least 2 meters away, so please use large fonts (minimum of 32 points).

Avoid overly "texty" posters. Use visuals and diagrams. Remember that the poster should convey the main ideas of your paper (not replace it)


Guidelines for Demos Presentations

Equipment: EDM will provide table, chair, power, and wi-fi internet connection.

Presenters should provide the rest, including laptops with necessary software installed.

Presenters should demonstrate their software or tools related to EDM during demo session.

Presenters should be available during their demo to visitors for any demo, questions, etc.