Call for Papers

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The 4th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM2011 @ Eindhoven, the Netherlands, July 6-8) invites papers that study how to apply data mining to analyze data generated by various information systems supporting learning or education (in schools, colleges, universities, and other academic or professional learning institutions providing traditional and modern forms and means of teaching, as well as informal learning).
EDM may require adaptation of existing or development of new approaches that build upon techniques from a combination of areas, including but not limited to statistics, psychometrics, machine learning, information retrieval, recommender systems and scientific computing.


  • Generic frameworks, methods and approached for EDM
  • Learner or student modeling
  • Mining assessment data
  • Mining browsing or interaction data
  • Mining the results of educational research (e.g. A/B tests)
  • Educational process mining
  • Data-driven adaptation and personalization
  • Improving educational software
  • Evaluating teaching interventions
  • Emotion, affect, and choice
  • Integrating data mining and pedagogical theory
  • Improving teacher support
  • Replication studies
  • Best practices for adaptation of data mining, information retrieval, recommender system, opinion mining, and question answering techniques to educational context


We solicit:

  • Full papers (up to 10 pages);
  • Short papers (up to 5 pages);
  • Posters and Demos (up to 2 pages).

Full papers should present original reports of substantive new research. They should place the work within the field, and clearly indicate its innovative aspects and its significance. Short papers should present original and unpublished highly promising research, whose merit will be assessed in terms of originality and importance rather than maturity and technical validation. Posters category provides an opportunity to submit work in progress and last minute results. The acceptance of submissions in this category will be based primarily on their relevance to the topics of the conference and interestingness for the discussions. Demos category encourages submissions of reports describing educational data mining tools and systems, or educational tools like intelligent tutoring systems that use EDM techniques for enhancing their performance.

All submissions should follow the ACM single column paper formatting guidelines (MS Word, Latex). Each submitted paper will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. Accepted papers will be published in the EDM2011 proceedings and will also appear online at


March 28, 2011 Abstract submissions due
April 5, 2011 Full and short paper submissions due
May 10, 2011 Poster and demo submissions due
May 15, 2011 Notification of acceptance
June 5 ,2011 Final papers due
July 6-8, 2011 Conference days


Conference Chairs
Mykola Pechenizkiy Eindhoven University of Technology
Toon Calders Eindhoven University of Technology
Program Chairs
Cristina Conati University of British Columbia, Canada
Sebastian Ventura University of Cordoba, Spain
Posters and Demos Chairs
Cristobal Romero University of Cordoba, Spain
John Stamper Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Web Chair
Arnon Hershkovitz Tel Aviv University, Israel
Local Organizing Committee
Jorn Bakker, Paul De Bra, Evgeny Knutov, Lam Hoang, Faisal Kamiran, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Sicco Verwer, Indre Zliobaite